Myth: Happy Holidays is the Politically Correct Way to Say Merry Christmas


This is perhaps the most modern Christmas whopper going: all over social media folks now slam the term “Happy Holidays” as an offensive alternative to “Merry Christmas”.

Modern media outlets that use the holiday season are largely responsible for advancing this myth. Political activists who engage in removing the religious symbols of the season from public and government property in the United States in order to advance their views of separation of Church and State are ALSO largely responsible for this myth. The annual debate, known as the modern “War on Christmas“, divides Christmas-loving peoples who just want to celebrate Christmas in their own way.

The American Family Association and the Liberty Council, two familiar names in the War on Christmas, fight efforts to remove references to Christmas in schools and public property. To advance their agenda they publish names of businesses that refuse to use the word “Christmas” in their advertisements and signage. This too perpetuates the myth that somehow “happy holidays” is a substitute for “Merry Christmas”.

As noted at War on Happy Holidays there is nothing remotely offensive about “happy holidays”. December is a time of many holidays inclusive of Christmas, Kwaanza, Hannukah and several saints’ feast days. It is entirely appropriate to wish someone Happy Holidays, especially when you do not know what their holiday proclivities might be

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